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Ronghu(Banyan) Lake

2011-04-15   14622 Views

The water area of Ronghu Lake is 9.46 hectares. Ronghu and Shanhu(Fir Lake) are both artificially excavated in the south of Guilin city moat in Song Dynasty, collectively known as Yangtang. In the Ming Dynasty, Kuang Lu wrote a "Story of Yangtang", and believed that the best lake and pond in Guilin was Yangtang. The description of Yangtang is like this: "The north and the south face each other, and the ripples are like hundreds of acres. The houses near the water, the pink walls and the vermilion pavilion, are intertwined like embroidery. In the depths of the forest, the banners are hidden." It is really picturesque and beautiful. Rong and Shanhu used to be beautiful, but now they are even more beautiful. At the same time, it is also the perfect embodiment of Guilin's "city in the scene, scene in the city", and it is also a useful attempt to build an ecological city.

Various kinds of banyan trees grow around Ronghu Lake, which is also the source of the name of Ronghu Lake. One of the thousand-year-old banyan trees is the "Treasure of the Lake Town" of Ronghu Lake. The scenery of Ronghu Lake is beautiful and is made of white and flawless white marble. -Double Aged Banyan Bridge, crystal glass bridges, nine winding, beautifully crafted-Beidou Qixing Bridge and a beautiful and pleasing to the ears-music fountain. .... Of course, more than that, the beautiful scenery still needs you to discover.