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Recommendations of the hotels、restaurants、and parking lots around Guilin Two Rivers & Four Lakes
Road, a prime area in the center of Guilin City, on the bank of the Li River, and only one step away from the Elephant T
Guilin Travel Strategy| This urban over 5A "Fairy Match" route is very brilliant!
ers & Four Lakes, the classic combination, Travel from daytime to the night, Make lots of tourists linger
Guilin National Civilized City, Two Rivers & Four Lakes at Night
the shore with interest on the ripples of the lake. Their hazy silhouettes are hidden in the jungle of green trees, reve
Secret Guilin | Explore the most beautiful Guilin in twelve hours! Eat Guilin rice noodles for free and taste Oily Tea!
urist destination recommended by the World Tourism Organization! ✔ Try Guilin rice noodles. How delicious is the w
Color Magic Season: Ginkgo is approaching the best viewing period in the Two Rivers & Four Lakes
the color magician of nature, because of the excessive warm weather, forget to change the color of the season in time.
Night Tour at Guilin Two Rivers & Four Lakes, Feel the sentiment of“Oriental Venice”
r system around the city and is long 7 kilometers. Guilin's water tour started in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the
One bridge One poem, One bridge One Scene
When the water rises in spring and summer, the river is rushing, which is inherently called "Dongdu Chunlan". "
Guilin Must Visit| Urban 6 superb scenic spots connect in a line, a landscape feast starts appointment
n landmark of Guilin city, Climb up to the Elephant Trunk Hill, watch the shadow of the tower in river, fly you
Take a night cruise on Two Rivers & Four Lakes, enjoy the light show at the ancient city wall
een restored, the standard night tour is officially opened, and the wonderful ancient city wall light show is reopened t