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Elephant Trunk Hill Park【Ticket Notes】

2021-01-30   22 Views

Elephant Trunk Hill Park Notes

1. Please keep the admission ticket properly for inspection at any time. Tickets are limited to one-time use, and visitors should re-purchase tickets when entering the park again;
2. Pay attention to safety, and follow the regulations of the scenic area to visit the safe tour route. Please choose carefully for non-scenic operation projects of bamboo rafts;
3. Civilized tours, protect the environment and tourist facilities, and prohibit swimming, fishing, climbing, littering, cigarette butts, etc.;
4. Minors and the inconvenient must be accompanied by special companions.

5. After the tickets are sold, no refunds will be made for reasons other than this scenic spot.

6. In case of irresistible factors preventing tourists from entering the park, the scenic spot can refund the ticket, but reject any other claims.

 [Opening hours]: (If there is any change, please refer to the counter announcement)

Peak season (April-October) 06:30-19:30, the ticket coun