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Quick response and strict deployment, Full cooperation and stable implementation

2020-07-20   39 Views

The city has experienced continuous heavy rainfall recently, and the flood resistance situation is severe. At 7:00 in the morning of July 11, the water levels of the Lijiang River and Peach Blossom River reached the set flood control plan water level. The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Company responded quickly and immediately activated the flood control plan. The company’s chairman Wei Yulong and party secretary Tang Changrong took the lead in directing flood control work. Emergency mobilization and deployment of important areas in scenic spots such as the Ronghu Lake Double boat Lock and Elephant Trunk Fisherman’s Wharf require relevant functional departments to strictly implement the responsibility system for flood prevention and control, and effectively implement preventive measures.

From 11 a.m., the upstream reservoir of Guilin began to discharge floods. In order to avoid the potential safety hazards caused by the floods to the operation of cruise boats, the various departments of the company cooperated and closely linked to ensure the company's safe flooding. The safety and quality department carefully checked the implementation of the flood prevention work of each department , Timely released the latest flood conditions through the company’s intranet, and conveyed various work instructions; the logistics support department will coordinate the arrangement of flood control personnel on duty, prepare vehicles and emergency supplies in advance, and urgently purchased 60 packs of sandbags for flood control and transported them to Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier Department, The security department organized personnel to place sandbags at the entrance of the waiting hall to prevent floods from entering; the electrical facilities and equipment management department closed the ship lift flood control door in time, and removed the Elephant Trunk Hill ship lift dam chain at 8:30 to ensure the safety of the inner lake water level; Moved the electrical equipment of Wenchang Bridge Pier to a high place, the gas station staff paid attention to the working status of drainage every half an hour, and immediately notified the repair if problems occur; the scenic area management department sent a channel administrator to urgently close the culvert gate before the flood arrive to avoid mixing entering the inner lake, to ensure the water quality of the inner lake; the cruise ship operation department arranged flood prevention commissioners to carry out a 24-hour flood control duty on the Lijiang Dream to ensure the safety of cruise boats.

After the flood, there was a large amount of silt and garbage remaining on the shore, and the company quickly organized the scenic area department and technical department personnel to work overtime to clean them up. The electrical group of the technical department cleaned the sockets and urinary sensors of the public toilets of the Wenchang Bridge Pier and the distribution boxes of the business operators in time. The scenic area department cleaned up a large number of debris and fallen trees in the scenic area from the upstream to the trash sluice, and carried out centralized salvage in the Guihu Lake area. In addition, they also washed the silt and garbage on the Fisherman’s Pier, Wenchang Bridge Pier and Peach Blossom River Water Trail under the scorching sun to ensure the normal function of the piers and the development of city civilized creation work.


The Elephant Trunk Hill Fisherman’s Wharf stacking sand

The picture shows the cleaning of Wenchang Bridge Pier