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Visit retired senior party member with deep and warm care

2020-07-08   15 Views

         Carrying forward the party’s glorious tradition and fine style of work, Li Feiying, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guilin Tourism Development Corporation, General Manager, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Guilin Tourism Corporation Limited, led a team to visit the 93-year-old retired party member Li Shuiqun , who worked in Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company during the 99th anniversary of the party founding.

On the morning of the 7th, Secretary Li and his entourage came to  Li Shuiqun’s home and concerned about the elderly’s daily life, physical condition, family status as well as the difficulties in her life, meanwhile, sending greetings from the party organization and holiday bonus. The 73-year-old party member thank for the concern from the party and said excitedly: “Thanks to the company’s party organization for its care for our senior party members. The life becomes better and better under the leading of the party. Wish the company is also getting better and better." Secretary Li eagerly replied: “Our senior party members are the treasures of the organization, and they are role models for every young party member.” When leaving, Secretary Li shook hands with Comrade Li and wished her healthy, happy, and asked her to give more valuable advice to the company.

Huang Lina, Deputy Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of Guilin Tourism Corporation Limited, Tang Changrong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Company, Xu Ziqi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Chen Tong, Secretary of the Party Branch, accompanied to visit together.