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Grand opening of "2020 Xiangshan Mid-Autumn Shuiyue Market and Music Sharing Feast"

2020-10-05   52 Views

On the evening of October 1, 2020, the large-scale event "2020 Xiangshan(Elephant Hill) Mid-Autumn Shuiyue(Water Moon) Market and Music Sharing Feast" organized by Guilin Xiangshan Scenic Area and Guilin Jinsha Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. opened in Xiangshan Scenic Area.

The Elephant Trunk Hill under "Grand Makeup" is even more gorgeous

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, which conveys the strong national culture and embodies the beautiful feelings of people. The scenic area has elaborately planned various festivals such as Praying for the moon, Setting the river lanterns, Guessing lantern riddles, Starlight night market, Concerts, and Boating blue waves, foreign visitors can feel the ancient profound Han culture that has been passed down for thousands of years in China. Taking photos of the bright moon in the sky, tasting wine, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and gourmet food is a blessing in life.

The festival atmosphere in the park is strong, and tourists have raised their cameras to take photos with Xiangshan

A girl in Chinese clothes is like a fairy under the moon

A solemn ceremony to worship the moon

The grand honor guard

Miss Net Red Tumbler

Set river lanterns

Cheongsam girl

Apart from enjoying the audio-visual feast, visitors can also purchase favorite characteristic handicrafts at the Starlight Water Moon Market to add joy of harvest.

Starlight Water Moon Market

The festival activities held in this scenic area broke the static and single natural landscape viewing mode, and incorporated traditional cultural elements with Chinese characteristics such as praying and worship the moon ceremony, Hanfu exhibition, and cheongsam show. Through interactive experience, visitors can change to participants to have more fun.

The wonderful show dazzles the tourists

The large-scale event of "2020 Xiangshan Mid-Autumn Shuiyue Market and Music Sharing Feast" will last from October 1st to October 6th. This event not only showcases the natural scenery, but also promotes the local customs and folk culture, which enhances the overall appreciation value of the scenic spot. The Mid-Autumn Festival bazaar package of "leisure, entertainment, beautiful scenery, and food" created by the scenic spot drove the enthusiasm of local residents and tourists from other places, and injected a new urban vitality into the culture of the Guilin night tourism.