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Guilin Travel Strategy| This urban over 5A "Fairy Match" route is very brilliant!

2021-01-28   87 Views

“Winter is too cold to go outside”

Which is generally believed by many people.


Never thought the winter of Guilin

Might be bright with sun shining,

Might be misty romantic,

Might be an end to the hustle and bustle of the world,

Might be a silent silence too.

For sure, when you arrive in Guilin,

Must visit the city badge first,

Then the city card combining the culture and landscape,

The tour is completed after all these.

Recently, a tour route of “Fairy Match” is getting popular,

Elephant Trunk Hill+Fubo Hill+Folded Brocade Hill+Two Rivers & Four Lakes, the classic combination,

Travel from daytime to the night,

Make lots of tourists linger on the superb landscape of Guilin.

Fairy Match – Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill, well-known both in China and abroad.

The city badge of Guilin, the venue of the Spring Festival Gala,

A online celebrity sight, a mecca for punching in too. 

When you come to Guilin, don’t "visit here",

It cannot be said that I have really been to Guilin.

Elephant Trunk Hill is known as the symbol of Guilin's landscape.

All domestic and foreign tourists who come to Guilin for tour

Visiting it is basically a long-cherished wish.

Composed of limestone deposited on the sea floor 300 million years ago,

Make it be rich in historical legends and add mystery.

Climb up to see its steep and rocky ancient posture,

And the lush trees and river water,

As well as the pedestrians on the bustling streets along the river,

The visual enjoyment that is both immortal and beautiful,

Makes you feel like a world away, indulging in the landscape of the two worlds.


Fairy Match- Fubo Hill

On the west bank of Li River, occasionally meet the superb scenery under heaven,

The resolute Fubo Hill,

There are countless famous monuments and legends in the past dynasties,

General Fubo has guarded it for thousands of years.

A poem says:

"A river boat is tied down at Fubo Hill, and dawn and smoke are broken by the sound of a corner bell.

Countless green hills float out, and the mid-stream night rain hangs with sails. "

Take the "Fubo Superb Scenery" to the full!


Have seen the beautiful scenery of Guilin with poems and paintings,

Come and visit Fubo Hill,

Feel the general spirit of the hill and river,

It’s a different taste,

Besides, here is a collection of mountains, water, caves, rocks, courtyards,

A courtyard-style urban mountain forest scenic spot with cultural relics,

Compared with the poetic and picturesque Suzhou gardens, it is a bit more resolute.

There are hundreds of stone sculptures from the late Tang Dynasty in the Pearl Returning Cave.

History, religion, literature and art are all available,

Hundreds of cliff carvings span the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China,

A rare historical and cultural feast!

Climb to Fubo Hill,

Admire the hill scenery, meditate, eyes open, body and mind intoxicated.

It’s lonely and majestic, resting on the east of river,

In addition, the unique humanities and natural landscapes are completely natural,

Make it the epitome of the unique Guilin landscape.

In-depth tour of Guilin, one of the most must-see attractions!

Fairy Match – Folded Brocade Hill

About Folded Brocade Hill, it was described as,

Green peaks around it, sunny wind blows to its one side, one superb sight in the world.

Folded Brocade Hill is a national key cultural relics protection unit.

It is also a favorite place of celebrities and scribes in the past,

The Hundred Days Reformer Kang Youwei,

The patriotic old man Ma Xiangbo once lived here.

People come to Folded Brocade Hill,

Never miss the Mingyue Peak,

It is close to the Li River, towering into the clouds, cliffs,

Tour Folded Brocade Hill and climb to Nayun Pavilion to browse the panorama of Guilin,

There is a sense of grandeur of "at a glance" in an instant.

The water of Li River is clear as mirror, like a green silk ribbon,

 Winding and winding between the green mountains and peaks.

The top is full of mountains and rivers, and the water and the sky are the same

Going down, a leaf of the flat boat,

Will send you into the brocade folded mountains.

Every year on New Year’s Day,

All Guilin people have a custom of climbing Folded Brocade Hill,

"Climbing to the top of Folded Brocade Hill and be rewarded with a over one-hundred-year life."

This is the love of Guilin people for this mountain,

It is also a wish for a better life.

It is a famous mountain in Guilin, and it is also a Mountain with happiness!


Besides, there are thousands of butterfly specimens in the world.

And dozens of animal specimens,

Can be popularized, watched, should not be missed!

Fairy Match – Night Tour of Two Rivers & Four Lakes

Here magical mountains are matching the lake water,

In the night, the lines are soft and winding in the dark colors.

Here clear and beautiful water is swaying like emerald green,

Sing the night song with the soft colored lights on the shore,

Here boundless landscape is raising everything around,

It also tells history, culture, tranquility and elegance

Two rivers and four lakes at night,

Gold and silver towers, night view of glass bridge, Rongxi Bridge,

Ancient South Gate, Guihu Red Bridge, Mulong Lake Tower;

What you feel in your heart is more than the beauty of Victoria Harbour at night;

What you touch is more than the elegance of the night breeze across the lake;

What you see in your eyes is more than just the bronze mirror-like lake that portrays the landscape;

Take a cruise in the two rivers and four lakes,

You can also feel the interlacing of "people in the scene, scene in the lake",

Or rent a dining boat to bloom the taste buds and vision together at night,

This meeting, is it possible to experience the world of paradise?

So, come to Guilin in the winter,

Feel the overlapping landscapes of this divine gift,

Empty yourself, cleanse the dusty soul.

In this urban super 5A "Fairy Match" route,

Inspire your passion for travel!