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Take a night cruise on Two Rivers & Four Lakes, enjoy the light show at the ancient city wall

2020-05-03   31 Views

The most special "May Day" holiday in history is coming. Affected by the epidemic, Chinese people have reached a consensus on travel: do not get together, safety and health come first. Guilin, with the best landscape under the heaven, is one of the most popular tourist destination cities in China due to its superior natural landscape.

Taking a night cruise on Two Rivers & Four Lakes scenic area --- the city card of Guilin is the must-do activity while traveling in Guilin for tourists and citizens. At present, the sailing routes of Two Rivers & FourLlakes (Ronghu Lake, Shanhu Lake, Guihu Lake, Mulong Lake, Li River, Peach Blossom Lake) have already been restored, the standard night tour is officially opened, and the wonderful ancient city wall light show is reopened to the public at the same time.

Enjoy the light show at ancient city wall, walk close to the history

Walking into Mulong Lake scenic area, you mainly suddenly reach an ancient battlefield, with the shining spears and armored horses, drums and trumpets as well as the flames of war blazed. Suddenly, you may find thousands of drums thunderous just in your ear. It hears thousands of warriors fighting in combat. The light show brings tourists back to 800 years ago, Ma Xi, the chief officer of Yongzhou in Song Dynasty, led his troops to fight the Yuan Army in Guilin, which is known as the "Battle of Jingjiang". as if it goes back in time, the show is really astonishing.

Suddenly, the picture turns into a beautiful love story about Liu Sanjie and Aniu, who are dressed in beautiful Guangxi folk costumes, dancing in the colorful falling petals. It seems comparable to the eternal story about Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.

The light and shadow show at the ancient city wall is really exciting. It combines the real landscape of Mulong Lake, intelligent lighting and virtual images. Visitors are immersed in it, looking back to Guilin's long history and rich culture. It is helpful to enhance the depth and content of traveling at Mulong Lake scenic area.

Taking a night boat trip is dreamlike

Guilin enjoys a wonderful scenery of “being surrounded by thousands of hills, embraced by a river flowing around". The Two Rivers & Four Lakes scenic area occupies the largest area of the city center, with pavilions, towers and thousands of trees, which makes the “green lung” in the downtown. It has become a wonderful attraction attracting local citizen and tourists.

At night, when all the lights in the scenic spot are on, tourists will see a dreamlike picture with brilliant lights. The scorching sun and moon twin pagodas, one gold and one silver complement each other. More than twenty various bridges fly over the lakes in rainbow lights. The famous hills along the coast show its different beauty under the background of lights. Taking a night cruise in the breeze, with the dreamlike enchanting night view, tourists will get more and more enjoyable.

Watch the cormorant fighting show, witness the cultural heritage

The fishing fires of Guihu Lake, showing the cormorant fishing, which has already been inherited for thousands of years. It is an ancient fishing skill that has been passed down for thousands of years in our country. When taking a night cruise on the Two Rivers & Four Lakes, tourists have a chance to watch this shocking fishing fire show at a short distance.

Fishing bamboo rafts with fishing fire are lined up on the lake. The fishing fire like shinning stars dotted looks like a flowing Milky Way. Fisherman raises the bamboo poles high and slaps the water surface heavily in a fierce and powerful shout. Receiving the order from fisherman, the cormorant dives into the water quickly, and then returns with a live fish in its mouth. Such a fishing scene looks quite ancient, with local national customs.