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Secret Guilin | Explore the most beautiful Guilin in twelve hours! Eat Guilin rice noodles for free and taste Oily Tea!

2021-01-28   64 Views

Guilin is like a simple and elegant thread-bound book

Every step we take forward

This book opened another page

If you keep setting off, you will fall in love with Guilin

 Travel through Yushan Hill, experience the mood of the Qin people when visiting, and be influenced by history and culture!

 Visit Chuanshan/Tashan Hill and have a visit to the old eight scenic spots of Guilin!

 Visit Nanxi Hill, the art palace where man and nature are perfectly combined!

 Explore Fubo Hill and feel the majesty of the patron saint of Li River!

 Check in Folded Brocade Hill, the best tourist destination recommended by the World Tourism Organization!

 Try Guilin rice noodles. How delicious is the world's intangible cultural heritage?

 Smell Guilin Oily Tea, the unique flavor of "tea" culture~



Folded Brocade Hill, formerly known as Mount Gui, is located in the northeast of Guilin city, on the bank of the Li River in the downtown of Guilin. It includes Siwang Hill, Yuyue Hill, Mingyue Peak, and Crane Peak. It is a great scenic area developed by the Guiguan Observator of the Tang Dynasty and the writer Yuanhui.


Guilin rice noodles can be divided into stewed vegetable powder and soup vegetable powder. Braised vegetable powder is dry mix powder, which is more common. Its soul is the fragrant brine! A variety of spices and medicinal materials have been boiled for many days to mix with powder. The stewed dishes include barbecued pork, roast pork, and stewed beef,etc.

Fubo Mountain has beautiful scenery and unique caves. To the east of the mountain is the riverside corridor, the absorbing tea room and the Tingtao Pavilion built on the cliff. The west has climbing stone steps, which can reach the pavilion and the top of the mountain. You can see the beautiful and picturesque scenery of Guilin. Therefore, it has the reputation of "Fubo Superb Scenery".

Yushan Park is located in the north of Guilin City. There are scenic spots such as Yushan Mountain, Shaoyin Cave, Nanxun Pavilion and Shun Temple Ruins, etc. It is named after Yushan mountain and Yudi Temple. It is the origin of Guilin's landscape and history.

Guilin Nanxi Mountain Scenic Area is located in the south of Guilin City, about 1 km north away from the railway station. The two peaks of Nanxi Mountain face each other, and the height is steep, like two white screens. It has been called "Nanxi Yuping" since ancient times. Nanxi River flows through the scenic area from the north of the mountain.

Here is one of Guilin's famous old eight scenic spots, "Tashan Qingying". The reflection of mountains and towers in the river, beautiful green hills. Called "Guilin's most beautiful sunset place", there is a colorful cave world called “Through Mountain Cave”. Strange landscapes such as billion-year-old spirit stone, edelweiss blooming, four-body stone shield. Known as "the rare and magical crystal treasure cave in the world".

The characteristic local delicacy of Guilin—Gongcheng Oily Tea, slowly telling the story of Guilin to you, and then enjoying the authentic Lijiang style food in an unforgettable scenery, it can be called “The world is worth it”. The authentic Oily Tea recommended to everyone is an exquisite restaurant "Chuang Shuo(Legend)". Located in Chuanshan Scenic Area, it is very convenient. Enjoy the most beautiful sunset while enjoying the food.



Seeking Xu Xiake's three visits to the Royal City of Guilin, where he could not enter, passing through the east and west alleys to reach the Lijiang River, and boarded the [Xiaoyao Tower] on the Lijiang River in Guilin. Enjoy a bird's eye view of Guilin's landscape, the combination of rivers and cities, and the great rivers and mountains.