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Color Magic Season: Ginkgo is approaching the best viewing period in the Two Rivers & Four Lakes

2021-01-28   17 Views

Recently, the weather in Guilin keeps warm and sunny for many days. people feel as if they are in the most comfortable state in late summer and early autumn.

In the Two Rivers & Four Lakes scenic area, cruise boats on the lakes weaving,  tourists are very excited and enjoy the beautiful scenery. On the shore, more and more citizens are taking a leisure stroll, without the negative impact of the epidemic.

Citizens and tourists found that the ginkgo on the banks of the Two Rivers & Four Lakes this year is still in a state of yellowing but not yellowing, which is far behind the pattern of previous years. It seems that the color magician of nature, because of the excessive warm weather, forget to change the color of the season in time.

However, it is expected that the large groves of ginkgo in the Two Rivers & Four Lakes from next week will enter the best viewing period.

At that time, the sassy and heroic ginkgo tree leaves will turn pleasant golden yellow. When tourists take a cruise of the Two Rivers & Four Lakes, they can see the ginkgo trees, standing tall and tall like awe-inspiring yellow robe on the shore, full of golden armor.


At this time, if you are walking on the banks of the Two Rivers & Four Lakes, with the breeze is blowing, the pieces of golden armor will slowly spiral down to the ground, like  small fans, quietly covering the ground.

Let’s look back at the grand ginkgo viewing in the Two Rivers & Four Lakes last year, so Let's solve the hunger for eyes first 

After enjoying these golden ginkgo leaves on the shore of the lake during the day time, the editor recommends that you’d better to take a boat at night to watch the unique night view of the Two Rivers & Four Lakes.

Two Rivers & Four Lakes at night is more beautiful!