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Guilin Must Visit| Urban 6 superb scenic spots connect in a line, a landscape feast starts appointment

2021-01-28   32 Views

It is the city badge of Guilin, the symbol of Guilin landscape as praised;

It is a solitary peak half in water half beside water, the blessed land as imaged;

It is called the first bronze pagoda in the world, the cultural landmark of Guilin...

One day city tour, it’s able to see Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Mulong Lake park, Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas, Two rivers & Four lakes, etc.

Enjoy the landscape in day time, tour "Oriental Venice" at night. Isn’t it a lovely day!

Thousand year online celebrity Elephant Trunk Hill

Elephant Trunk Hill is the representative well-known landmark of Guilin city,

Climb up to the Elephant Trunk Hill, watch the shadow of the tower in river, fly your infinite imagination

The tour of over 1000-year aged celebrity sight should not be missed,

Almost every tourist to Guilin feels proud when they check in here,

Taking souvenir photos here and posting at Timeline or Moments are the definite must.

Elephant Trunk Hill has the top reputation in Guilin

Climb to the top,

Enjoy a panoramic gorgeous scenery of the central city from the viewing platform

Puxian pagoda at the top was used to enshrine Samantabhadra Bodhisattva in the Ming Dynasty, and there are only two in China

The scenic areas include Water-Moon Cave, Elephant Eye Cave, Puxian Pagoda、Hongfeng Temple and the exhibition hall of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolutionary relics in the temple, etc.

All these make the ancient and famous scenic area be full of sacred meaning.

The excellent scenery has made Elephant Trunk Hill a tourist attraction since the Tang and Song dynasties.

To Guilin, to Elephant Trunk Hill,

It is a kind of ritual, but also a kind of enjoyment

Superb Scenery 「Fubo Hill」「Folded Brocade Hill

Folded Brocade Hill stands with the city central solitary peak and the Fubo Hill by Li River,

All are the famous attractions in the city

The stone carvings of various styles of calligraphies have the top reputation,

With the rich and colorful contents, worth an exploring.

Fubo Hill and Folded Brocade Hill are both by the Li River, connecting with each other,

Climbing mountains and watching the river make them the rare comprehensive tour sights.

Two mountains are not far from each other,


Suggest to Climb Fubo Hill first,

Resting on the east by the Li River, the lonely hill is quite beautiful and the scenery is charming

Feel the combination of General Fubo’s martial arts and the charming landscape,

Climb to the top of Fubo Hill to feel the rare "Fubo Superb Scenery",

It can definitely heals the soul!


After visiting Fubo Hill, you walk to Folded Brocade Hill nearby,

Feel the cliff stone carvings left by literati and dignitaries in the past dynasties

On the mountains and rocks which like pieces of brocade and silk.

At this time, you are so close to the ancients, but so far away.

Marshal Chen Yi’s inscription on the wind tunnel as "Will to be a native of Guilin, but not an immortal",

Touched by the words, you can’t help walking to the top of the mountain,

Feel how the super beautiful scenery by overlooking the Li River and so natural Guilin!


“Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” 「Mulong Lake Park

The east of Mulong Lake is the location of ancient city wall of Song dynasty,

Buildings are imitating the Song Dynasty on the river bank,

Here are attractions, history, and also culture.

There are many historical and cultural relics in ancient Song City,

A scenic spot built on the blueprint of "Riverside Scene on Qingming Festival",

It has gradually become the most dazzling scenic spot in Guilin.

The colorful night scene, the magnificent Tang and Song Dynasty buildings,

The beautiful scenery of Mulong Lake and the rich cultural heritage,

No matter in the day or night, make the view of Mulong Lake extremely comfortable,

As night comes, the large 3D light and shadow show on the wall of Song City,

Combine the real landscape of Mulong Lake, intelligent lighting and virtual images,

Let audiences immerse in it, and go back to the long historical and cultural allusions of Guilin,

Why don't you chant a few more poems from Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty now?

Cultural Heritage「Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas

In many eyes of people, the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas is mysterious place;

But in the eyes of the great monks, it is a "land of King Kong"!

Hong Kong’s famous international Feng Shui master Li Juming led more than 170 disciples to visit the twin pagodas,

It was highly praised as "Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas on the top of Guilin"!

For practitioners, this is a treasured geomantic place for self-cultivation;

For tourists, this is a cultural paradise rarely to find.

The Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas are a core scenic spot in Guilin.

It is also the most famous cultural landmark in Guilin,

"Flying to the sky, Going into the earth, traveling under water, climbing the pagodas by elevator, good for body and mind",

This unique way of visiting can be described as the first tour in Guilin.

People can't help but feel anxious to experience it!


Dreamy 「Night Tour of Two Rivers & Four Lakes

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes, are likely covered by the mysterious veil,

At nightfall the colorful nightlights at the lakeside are just like a visual feast.

Layers of colors are grotesque,

Complement each other and create a dreamy atmosphere.

Take a boat tour, the bustling brought by the lights is overwhelming.

The gold and silver complement each other, the twin pagodas stand upside on the lake,

The branches and leaves of the trees by the lake shook under the breeze,

Formed a watercolor painting of classical beauty,

People can't help but sigh: "This scene should only be found in heaven; it is rare to find it on earth"!

The cruise ship moves slowly along the river surface,

The lights on both sides of the strait are bright, changing colors constantly,

The surface of the river is also brightly illuminated,

Bridges of various shapes, exchanging different postures,

Touching your already turbulent heart.

After the Osprey singing, Guihu Lake is elegant,

Everything is so real and lively,

Can't make people unhappy.

After the tour of these six super attractions, it is worthwhile to visit Guilin.

If you travel to Guilin, please do choose this route.

Sightseeing, historical, cultural, night tour,

Covers all,

It will definitely reward you with a worthwhile trip, feeling unfulfilled, with endless surprises!