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Masterpiece of National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival hits, Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area will take you to experience multiple feelings and multiple excitement.

2020-09-18   0 Views

Autumn 2020,

    After months of elaborate planning,

    The ingenious work of Xiangshan Scenic Area in 2020,

A gathering of beautiful food, folk stunts,

    The "Xiangshan Mid-Autumn Shuiyue Market and Music Sharing Feast" with hot dancing songs is about to kick off!

are you ready?

We want to surprise you!

Boating on the blue waves, swimming in the rivers around mountains
On the night of the full moon

When the gloomy night spreads out like ink,

The moon finally lifted her mysterious veil,

Showing a pretty face,

Quiet river surface,

Suddenly a bright light appeared,

It was full of glory.

At this time, you sit in the heart of the river in a small boat,

It can be seen that "there is a bright moon under the water, and the moon floats on the water".

Meet another two or three friends or family members,

Taste tea and sunk in the fragrance, enjoy the scenery and talk about the moon,

How happy is it?

Traveling through time and space, dreaming back to a thousand year

Star night market, Hanfu tour,

Really reproduce the prosperous scene of the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival

Through the time tunnel,

You will see strange and familiar streets in the painting,

Small bridges, flowing water, weeping willow silk, night market, thousands of lights,

The hawkers' shouts are endless,

Everywhere is full of strong market atmosphere.

You can’t help but "step into the picture and dream back to a thousand year"

The feeling of going back in time.

Young girls dressed in ancient styles shuttled under their eyes,

As if the characters in the picture scroll are resurrected,

Maybe you will encounter a beautiful love.

Pray and worship the moon, set river lanterns, guess lantern riddles

Moon game

Pray and worship the Moon

Restore the ancient folk moon worship ceremony and experience the elegance of moon worship.


Set river lanterns

On the surface of the river, the river lanterns compete for wonder and beauty, and float with the wind with blessings.

Guess the riddles

Warm and interesting literary games have been loved by people for thousands of years.

Chinese quintessence cheongsam show

Relive the classics

When you wear a cheongsam, you can dye it with a blossoming tree.

Two sleeves of moonlight, tells of peerless elegance.

In the vast red dust,

A woman wearing a cheongsam is always a beautiful scenery.

Professional model team, Gorgeous supermodel, are first airborne in Guilin.

Participated in Miss World Hot Springs, Asia International Super Model Contest and won the title of champion; joined hands with Liaoning Satellite TV to jointly launch a large-scale model reality show (new force on the T station in China), etc.; once performed with Lin Chiling, Wang Sulong, Lin Zhiying, Shuimu Nianhua, etc.

Detonate visual perception and experience the charm of fashion.

Take you to feel the unique style of oriental women.

Starlight concert

Dancing and singing, singing Guilin Xiangshan Music Night

Music, food, and beautiful scenery will create the most high-quality Xiangshan music feast for you at the end of this year. Local music masters will sing for you, and will take you far away with dreamlike singing!

Xiangshan Mid-Autumn Shuiyue Market and

The music sharing feast is about to start!



Every night from 19:00 to 23:00

~~ Looking forward to being with you

Enjoy the mountains and rivers together, share the time!

Star night market


Cruise operating hours


Tumbler girl


Cheongsam show


Pray and worship the moon


Hanfu Tour


Set river lanterns, guess lantern riddles


Starlight concert


Freezing point discount is coming!

The original ticket price is 80 yuan/person, and the citizen discount price is 20 yuan/person

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