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Guilin "Two Rivers and Four Lakes" June 1st Event Convening Order, "Hand-painted cute pets will take you to the sky"

2019-05-06   0 Views

The year 2019 is about to halfway. With the approach of Children's Day, Bao parents, what surprises have you prepared for the children?

If your child said,

"Mom, I want to go to Venice"

"Dad, I have never seen a Turkish hot air balloon"

"Mom and Dad, I need a meaningful Children's Day"...

So, here comes the point!

The Two Rivers and Four Lakes Scenic Spot will bring a show for children,

Grand~ A wonderful encounter with the natural landscape!

"Six Day is different this year, cute pets will bring you joy to the sky"

Come to the two rivers and four lakes with my baby on the weekend——

Hand-painted cute pet "Shui Lingling",

Take a boat tour of the two rivers and four lakes,

Be the cutest little guide in Guilin

Take the water elevator

Learn about the history of Guilin's hometown!


 Activity Details

[Activity time] June 1, 2019 (Saturday) at 9:30 am

[Registration time] From now until May 26, 2019

[Registration Hotline] 0773-2805098

 [Activity location] Boarding at Guilin Zhiyintai Wharf→Disembarking at Xiangshan Fisherman’s Wharf

 [Parent-child package] The original price of the one-adult-one-child ticket package: 165 yuan/set, the activity price: 118 yuan/set,

                    (Each extra person takes 60 yuan/person, children and adults are the same)


★Sign in at the Zhiyintai Wharf at 9:30am on June 1, 2019, receive the ticket and the knowledge card, and the most ING young jazz drummer will play the sailing horn for your fleet;

★ Board the ship on time at 10:00, you can listen to stories + DIY hand-painting + interactive games on the cruise, which is interesting fun and will make your mind open!

★I am the most adorable little tour guide in Guilin: listen to the guide's sister telling the story of Guilin's landscape culture and ancient city history. You can also participate in it and strive to be a little tour guide, telling everyone about the beautiful scenery of Guilin in your hometown.

★Awarded knowledge quiz: Living in the beautiful scenery of Guilin, how much do we know about our hometown? Children who answer correctly can get medals, and those with the most medals have surprise gifts!

★The coolest water elevator takes you to understand the wisdom of ancient craftsmen and feel the perfect crystallization of modern technology;

★The cutest hand-painted gourd hand paints Shui Lingling—Use your imagination to do a lot of creativity, fun and gifts; take the hand-painted Shui Lingling home and leave a good memory of Children's Day.

At the event, there are children from the Yuzipi parent-child platform, all of whom are masters of painting. How many amazing works will they bring us?

PS: Youzipi is the largest comprehensive parent-child platform in Guilin. Youzipi focuses on outdoor education, winter and summer camps, parent-child travel, large-scale event planning, and focuses on the development of domestic and foreign characteristic research routes.

Let children learn skills, exercise their physique, gain knowledge and friendship while having fun to broaden their horizons. Yuzi Pi is willing to work with parents on the road of unreading, and reading unread together will give children a beautiful childhood.


 Activity time: June 1, 2019 (Saturday) 9:30

 Activity Route: One River and Four Lakes Tour

  Boarding Wharf: Guilin Zhiyintai Wharf, Address: Small square next to Vienna Hotel (Xiangshan Park Store) in Guilin

Activity process:

  1. Sign in at the Zhiyintai Wharf at 9:30, and receive the ferry ticket and knowledge card.

  2. Board the boat at 10:00, visit one river and four lakes, listen to the tour guide sister's explanation, and play interactive Q&A activities with her. The tour guide sister will distribute hand-made DIY and complete it with parents.

      Tour for 70 minutes.