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Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas(Admission)

Introduction:In 750 AD, the great monk Jianzhen failed his fifth eastward journey to Japan, and he moved to Gui and lived in Kaiyuan Temple to teach the ordination. Accordin


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In 750 AD, the great monk Jianzhen failed his fifth eastward journey to Japan, and he moved to Gui and lived in Kaiyuan Temple to teach the ordination. According to relevant historical records of Shingon Buddhism of Japan: In the first year of Tianping Shengbao (750 AD), the Great Monk Jianzhen discovered the place of King Kong and raised funds to build two wooden pagodas more than a hundred steps north of Kaiyuan Temple in the south of Guizhou City of Datang. More than a year. The twin pagodas were built in the Xinmao (rabbit) year of the Tang lunar calendar, so the two-wheel drive of the Sun and Moon Bodhisattva was cast. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the Sun and Moon Pagoda was destroyed by war.

         In 1999, during the construction of the two rivers and four lakes in Guilin City, the underground palace of the Tang Riyue pagoda was discovered. In 2001, the civil government spent huge sums of money to rebuild the twin pagodas on the original site. Among them, the Ri pagoda is the tallest copper pagoda in the world today. In the Underground Palace Museum of the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas, there are exhibits of Buddhist relics unearthed from the Sun and Moon Pagodas of the Tang Dynasty. Among them, the most precious unearthed Buddha relic is the "Twelve Zodiac Royal Secret Collection of the Tang Dynasty", which is the first time that the secrets of Buddhism tantrics have been made public in China for a thousand years.


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Adult Ticket ¥35.00 ¥35.00
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