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【Official E-ticket】Two Rivers & Four Lakes Night Cruise(Deluxe Boat)

Introduction:Tour Route 【Route Features】: "Two Rivers & Four Lakes Night Tour " is the main tour product of our scenic area. Enjoy the night view with brilliant lig


Ticket Booking

Type Price Discount price -
Adult Ticket ¥210.00 ¥210.00 Booking
Child Ticket ¥105.00 ¥105.00 Booking


Tour Route

Route Features】: "Two Rivers & Four Lakes Night Tour " is the main tour product of our scenic area. Enjoy the night view with brilliant lights of the round-city water system in Guilin by the 40-50-seat luxurious boat.  Due to the water level difference, visitors need to pass the Ronghu Lake ship lock down to Peach Blossom River and take the Mulong Lake ship lift to Li River, enjoying the beauty of the landscape and city.

Scenic Areas】:Li River, Peach Blossom River, Ronghu Lake, Shanhu Lake, Guihu Lake, Mulong Lake

Attractions】:Dagoba, Hongqiao Dam, South Gate Bridge, ZhuziMeorial Arch, Zhuzi Rilievo, West Gate Bridge, Ronghu Lake Double Ship Lock, Xinyi Bridge, Ronghu Hotel, Big Banyan Tree, Ancient South Gate, Gurong Double Bridge, Beidou Bridge, Huxin Isle, Glass Bridge, Yangqiao Bridge, Sun and Moon Twin Pagoda, Rongxi Bridge, Yingbin Bridge, Lize Bridge, Guanyi Bridge, Baoxian Bridge, Old Man Hill, Xiqing Bridge, Baoji HIll, Mulong Bridge, Folded Brocade Hill, Former Residence of Li Jishen, Mulong Lake Ship Lift, Fubo Mountain, Duxiu Peak (Far View), Liberation Bridge. 

Cruise Terminal】:

A Wenchang Bridge Wharfboarding--Fisherman Wharfdisembark   

B Fisherman Wharfboarding-- Wenchang Bridge Wharfdisembark   

Due to the different cruise schedules in the scenic area, the boarding wharfs and sailing times are different. For details, please call to the 

How to get to the boarding terminal

Wenchang Bridge Wharf】:Located at under Wenchang Bridge (behind "有饭" Restaurant). Taking bus NO.23, 16, or 2 to "Wenchang Bridge" stop or "Xiangshan Park" stop, then walking for 2 minutes, tourists can get to the wharf. Or tourist can also take a taxi to "Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise Wenchang Bridge Wharf" directly. (The white stupa since the Tang Dynasty is just at Wenchang Bridge Wharf as a landmark)

Fisherman Wharf】: Located at the Gate 3 of Elephant Trunk Hill Park, on Binjiang Road.

Duration】: 80-90 mins

Opening hours】:18:00-23:00 daily in peak season  19:00-21:30 daily in low seasonCruise boat departs every 10-30 minutes. Please reserve tickets in advance due to the limited seats. Please call to the scenic area to make sure the tickets available. 


<p> <br /> </p> <h3> <b>Notice</b><b></b> </h3> <p class="p"> <b>Visitors are requests to purchase tickets with their own ID card or passport. Ticket checking is requested while your boarding the cruise boat.</b> </p> <p class="p" style="margin-left:6.0000pt;text-indent:-6.0000pt;"> 1、The above price is based on deluxe boat. For ordinary boat, the ticket fare will be deducted RMB10 per person from the deluxe boat fare. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;2、Child under 1.2 m is free of charge. Child (1.2m-1.39 m) needs to purchase child tickets. Child at 1.4m or above is regarded as an adult, needs to purchase an adult ticket. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;3、The performances and its time may be adjusted according to the actual situation without any notice in advance. The right of interpretation belongs to the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Company. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;4、【Price Includes<span>】:</span>1&nbsp;deluxe boat ticket for Two River &amp; Four Lakes Night Cruise </p> <p class="p" style="margin-left:18.0000pt;text-indent:-18.0000pt;"> <span>【</span>How to Enter the Scenic Spots】:Reach the ticketing window at the boarding terminal 20 minutes prior to the departure time, get the cruise tickets by offering your name and mobile phone number. Note: The cruise will depart on time. Please make sure to get to the wharf in advance. </p> <p class="p"> <span>【</span>Refund and Change Policy<span>】</span>; </p> <p class="p"> 1.&nbsp;This product generally is nonrefundable once it is sold. If you are unable to visit due to the itinerary rescheduled or the flight or train delays caused by weather conditions, please call the customer service (0773-2888802) before 14:00 on the travel day. (Note: on national holiday, such as New Year's Day, Ching Ming Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Spring Festival, there will be no refund. Thank you for your understanding!!) </p> <p class="p"> 2.If due to the flood or lower water of Li River, tourists have to change the Two Rivers &amp; Four Lakes Night Cruise ticket to One River Four Lakes Night Cruise or Four Lakes Night Cruise, the online price difference is refundable. The cruise time is subject to the reconfirmation by the customer service. </p> <p class="p" style="margin-left:6.0000pt;text-indent:-6.0000pt;"> 3.The cruise generally departs on time. If the visitors purchase the ticket and have already printed them, however, they miss boarding the cruise boat, according to the actual situation, we will check whether there are remaining vacancies for the following cruise 5 minutes before departure. If there are vacancies and visitors are willing to change to the following cruise, visitors will need to pay 10% of the retail price per person as the change fee. If there aren’t any remaining vacancies or visitors refuse to change, the ticket will be deemed invalid without any refund. </p> <p class="p"> <span>【</span>Special Deals<span>】</span>: Visitors with military officer certificate or military disability certificate can enjoy a 30% discount on the retail price. Guangxi senior citizens holding local elderly card can enjoy a 10% discount on the retail price. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp; </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;5、The opening hours are different in the peak season and low season. The cruise departs every 10-30 minutes. Due to the limited seat, please reserve in advance. Please call to reconfirm with the scenic area before you travel. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;6、After reconfirming the sailing time with the staff of the scenic spot, please be sure to arrive at the sailing wharf in advance to get the tickets and board the boat. If the visitors miss boarding the cruise boat for their own reasons, any loss caused will be borne by the visitors. On visitors. Please refer to the arrangement by the staff at the sailing terminal. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;7、Anything flammable, explosive and poisonous is forbidden to bring on board for the travel safety. Animals are also not allowed to be on board. Smoking on board is forbidden. While taking pictures on the back deck, please keep safe. Please take care of your belongings and consciously abide by laws and regulations. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;8、In order to make sure you and other tourists to have a good tour experience, please keep quiet and clean on board. Please speak softly while answering the phone. Please do not board the boat while you are drunk. Please follow the arrangements of the staff, making a civilized tour. </p> <p class="p"> &nbsp;9、If due to the flood or lower water of Li River, tourists have to change the Two Rivers &amp; Four Lakes Night Cruise ticket to One River Four Lakes Night Cruise or Four Lakes Night Cruise, the online price difference will be refundable. </p> <p> <br /> </p>
Type Price Discount price Number
Adult Ticket ¥210.00 ¥210.00
Child Ticket ¥105.00 ¥105.00

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