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Shanhu(Fir Lake)

2011-04-15   11724 Views

Shanhu Lake covers an area of 7.02 hectares, which is the smallest of the four lakes. Although Shanhu Lake is small, it has Guilin's new landmark-the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas. Shanhu Lake is known for its quietness and tranquility. Occasionally, there are singing lingering at the Sun and Moon Pagodas. The slim twin pagodas are elegant and dignified. The Sun Pagoda is orange yellow and the Moon Pagoda is blue. On the north shore of Shanhu Lake, there are the relief stone screens of "Shanhu Tenzi", Ma Junwu’s former residence, Jiutian Yinhe Waterfall at Lijiang Waterfall Hotel, and Li Zongren’s official residence on the south bank... Every sight and every road along Shanhu is stored between history and reality, between the four seasons, between day and night.