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Guihu(Osmanthus Lake)

2011-04-15   14067 Views

Guihu Lake is the largest lake among the four inner lakes, two rivers and four lakes, with a length of more than 1,700 meters. Guihu has beautiful scenery and is a combination of Chinese and western expo gardens. Flowers and trees are planted by the lake, and there is a ginkgo garden-every autumn and winter. The seasons attract new people to come to take pictures and spend a warm and festive autumn and winter; there is Metasequoia Garden-a national first-class protected plant, giant pandas in the biological world; a Magnolia Garden-Guang Mulan and White Magnolia are competing for beauty; an amazing century Cinnamomum camphora-the roots are developed, and a palm garden-Guilin, two rivers and four lakes, the warmth of the southern country welcomes you at all times.

       In order to showcase the most distinctive fishing methods of Guilin fishermen, the "Osprey Fishing Show" and the "Guihu Red Sail" were also set up in Guihu Lake, so that visitors to Guilin will feast their eyes.

       The beauty of Lake Guihu is not only that, we have to wait for you to discover it.