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Mulong Lake(Wooden Dragon Lake)

2011-04-15   20894 Views

Mulong Lake is the only artificially excavated lake among the four inner lakes. It was built with rows of barracks in the Song Dynasty. Later, in order to connect the river with the lake, Guilin City excavated an artificial lake here. This lake was named "Mulong Lake" because of its proximity to Mulong Cave. Mulong Lake is a scenic spot that combines natural landscape with history and culture. Because the Dongzhen Gate of the Song Dynasty and the Song City Wall Ruins were left behind on the north side of Mulong Lake, many scenic spots of ancient architectural communities with the architectural flavor of the Song Dynasty were built.

      The Mulong Lake Scenic Area was built in accordance with a corner of the Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan's "Surfing the River at Qingming Festival". The architectural complex of the Song Dynasty is magnificent and elegant. The entire lake area is decorated with ink paintings of colors and dance performances of various ethnic minorities, making you feel like you are in a dreamlike painting.

      Mulong Lake’s performances are rich and colorful, with bronze drums—national history, long-standing, vigorous, bold and unrestrained; there is Lishui Yao bath—the custom of the Yao nationality, simple and generous, graceful and colorful, many kinds of customs; and women’s folk bands—crystal musical instruments , Passionate dance, oriental charm, gentle and elegant.