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Peach Blossom River

2011-04-15   14227 Views

The Peach Blossom River, formerly known as Yangjiang River, is a major tributary of the Lijiang River. It originated from the southeast side of the Central Ridge in Lingchuan County of Guilin City. It flows from north to south through the west side of Guilin City, and flows through the city for 18.4 kilometers, and merges into the Lijiang River to the southeast. Ascending the river north, it was connected with West Lake and Qingtang in Song Dynasty, and reached the Fanglian Pond in front of the Reed Flute Rock. The Peach Blossom River has a gentle flow, quietness and tranquility, and it has prospered by boat since ancient times. On the night of late autumn, the autumn is high and refreshing, the bright moon hangs high, the moon shines in the river, and the silver light is shining. The "bright moon" in the river is more beautiful with the scenery on both sides of the bank. This is the "Yangjiang Autumn Moon", one of the eight consecutive sceneries in Guilin.

       There are many wonders on the Peach Blossom River, including the Hongqiao Bridge where Buddhas walk in the water; the one-legged pavilion with unique craftsmanship and exquisite design; and the exquisitely carved reliefs that reflect the history-Ximen Water Po and Fish Yuenanmen; there is a tall, majestic and extraordinary Zhuzi archway; let you have a boating on the river, feel the history, and blend into the artistic conception of the landscape.