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  • Address:No. 2 Lijun Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin, Guangxi

Reply: Address: No. 1 Shanhu North Road (by the Shanhu Lake opposite to Guilin Congee City, diagonally opposite the main entrance of Lijiang Waterfall Hotel) Tel: +86 773-285 8822, 153-0773-1166

Reply: Address: At the entrance of Gate 3 of Xiangshan Park, Guilin (Fisherman's Pier at Pier No.6 of Lijiang River, Binjiang Road) Tel: +86 773-563 4666, 153-0773-6611 (dedicated to the dock at night)

Reply: Address: Next to Wenchang Bridge, Minzhu Road, Guilin (Across the road from Gate 1 of Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area, there is a restaurant and walk down the riverside behind) Tel: +865 773-389 3777, 153-0773-1199 (only for the terminal at night)  

Reply: 【Two Rivers & Four Lakes Elephant Trunk Hill Park Ticket Counter】 Address: Opposite the road, No. 5 Binjiang Road, Guilin (100 meters east of Wenchang Bridge, next to the No. 2 bus stop sign) Tel: +86 773-280 5098, 288 5898

Reply: There are two bus lines (No. 2 and No. 203) to the scenic area (Fubo Hill, Folded Brocade Hill), of which No. 2 is a single line, starting station: Qintan Bus Terminal, terminal station: Shizijie street; No. 203 is a double line Circulation, starting point: Commercial Senior Technical School, terminal: Shizijie Street.

Reply: 【Climbing Tips】 In order to ensure the safety of tourists and prevent accidents, tourists are requested to observe the following regulations: 1. Observe the order of the scenic spot and follow the instructions of the staff. Smoking, climbing over railings and throwing objects down the mountain are strictly prohibited. 2. Visitors suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases should climb carefully according to their own physical conditions. Tourists who are drunk should refrain from climbing. 3. Maintain environmental sanitation in the scenic area, and take good care of flowers, trees, public facilities, and cultural relics. 4. The steps are steep, be careful of slipping, please keep to the right to prevent accidents caused by crowding. 5. In case of thunderstorms, please descend quickly and do not stay on the top of the mountain. 6. In the event of an accident, please immediately notify the on

Reply: 1. Active military personnel, retired military personnel, disabled military personnel, martyrs, and retired cadres can enter the park for free with corresponding certificates; (this paragraph applies to domestic military personnel) 2. The disabled can enter the park for free with a disability certificate; 3. Seniors over 70 years old in Guangxi can enter the park free of charge with the red "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Senior Citizen Care Card"; 4. Elderly people over 60 years old in Guangxi who hold the green "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Elderly Preferential Treatment Card" can enjoy a 50% discount on admission to this scenic spot; 6. On the day of the Double Ninth Festival, the scenic spot is open to people over 60 years old (holding a senior citizen certificate) in Guangxi District for free; 7. Minors from 6 years old (excluding 6 years old) to 18 years old (including 18 years old), full-time university undergraduate and below students with

Reply: Elephant Trunk Hill Park Notes 1. Please keep the admission ticket properly for inspection at any time. Tickets are limited to one-time use, and visitors should re-purchase tickets when entering the park again; 2. Pay attention to safety, and follow the regulations of the scenic area to visit the safe tour route. Please choose carefully for non-scenic operation projects of bamboo rafts; 3. Civilized tours, protect the environment and tourist facilities, and prohibit swimming, fishing, climbing, littering, cigarette butts, etc.; 4. Minors and the inconvenient must be accompanied by special companions. 5. After the tickets are sold, no refunds will be made for reasons other than this scenic spot. 6. In case of irresistible factors preventing tourists from entering the park, the scenic spot can refund the ticket, but reject any other claims. [Opening hours]: (If there is any change, please refer to the counter announcement) Peak season (April-October) 06:30-19:30, the ticket coun

Reply: 【Public Bus】 Liangjiang Airport-----Take the airport bus from the airport to Guilin Civil Aviation Building and transfer to Bus No. 16 and get off at Minzhu Road Station (totally 35 kilometers) Guilin South Railway Station ---- Take bus No. 16 at the bus stop opposite the railway station and get off at Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area Station (totally 2km) Guilin North Bus Station or North Railway Station ---- Take bus No. 99 or No. 100at the bus stop opposite the bus station and get off at Yangqiao Station. Walk along Wenming Road to Gate 1 of the scenic spot (less than 1000 meters) Central Square-----Walk from the Central Square to Zhengyang Pedestrian Street Nanrui, and then walk eastward for 200 meters 【Self-driving】 The scenic spot has its own fee parking lot 1. After getting off the airport expressway, follow Cuizhu Road to Shanghai Intersection, turn left (under the overpass), and go to Guihua Square on Minzhu Road (scenic parking lot) 2. (Self-driving) Go near the inters

Reply: Reply: Hello, after you place an order, we will have a staff member to contact you to confirm your cruise information and boarding terminal. If you are still late within the confirmed time, if there is a space available, our terminal staff can help you adjust the time, but you need to be charged for a certain cruise change fee (the change fee is subject to company regulations)

Reply: Reply: Hello, at present, our scenic area does not provide preferential policies for students and the elderly. The preferential policy for people who need to buy tickets for sightseeing and those who hold military disability certificates is 30% off the market price. It is necessary to buy tickets on the spot with a valid certificate. For detailed preferential activities, you can follow the activities on the official website of our scenic spot.

Reply: Reply: Hello, after your order is successfully submitted, our staff will get in touch with you on the morning of your tour day or the afternoon before. When the staff confirms the tour information with you, inform the staff of the content that does not match the order, and we will help you correct your order (Note: When filling in the order, please pay attention to your contact information and cruise date).