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In the New Year, take a cruise to enjoy the beautiful scenery, let’s go to the two rivers and four lakes to celebrate 2021 together!
ire tree and silver flower, Xiangshan, Fubo Mountain, Diecai Mountain, Old Man Mountain, Bao
[Photo] Guilin National Civilized City, Two rivers and Four lakes at night
e lake. Their hazy silhouettes are hidden in the jungle of green trees, revealing the unique cultural heritage of this c
Expanding the new model of scenic spots, Carry out research class tour
dren's understanding of the two rivers and four lakes and their hometown of Guilin. It is said that "Everything is Coleg
Grand opening of "2020 Xiangshan Mid-Autumn Shuiyue Market and Music Sharing Feast"
terns, Guessing lantern riddles, Starlight night market, Concerts, and Boating blue waves, foreign visitors can feel the
Do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure safe and stable reception during the "National Day and Mid-autumn Festival"
ce with the requirements of appointments, limited, and orderly opening of tourist attractions. The various measures of “