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Study at the two rivers and four lakes, build the most beautiful city card in your heart with Lego
e Bridge, the tall and magnificent Yingbin Bridge... Under the explanation of the guide lady, the children have a prelim
Masterpiece of National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival hits, Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area will take you to experience multiple feelings and multiple excitement.
light appeared, It was full of glory. At this time, you sit in the heart of the river in a small boat,
Art Game | Two Rivers and Four Lakes Artist "0" Distance Parent-child Art Cultural Tour
loration in the scenic area, 5 accompanying artists, leading the children
Activity 1: Wind Chime Blessing Festival
se your eyes and leaning in to listen. The sound of wind, rain, and ringtones combine to form a beautiful movement of na
Activity 2: Folk custom plot activities
iew in the urban area of Guilin. Climb to Mingyue Peak, the main peak, and stop to take Yunting Pavilion. The eight anci
Guilin "Two Rivers and Four Lakes" June 1st Event Convening Order, "Hand-painted cute pets will take you to the sky"
ekend—— Hand-painted cute pet "Shui Lingling", Take a boat tour of the two rivers and four lakes, Be t
【Welfare Activities for the Year of Pig】February 5-11, Take a Night Tour of Two Rivers and Four Lakes to collect praise and lead the two rivers and four lakes mascot "Shui Lingling" home
rom February 5th to 11th (the first day to the seventh day), tourists who purchase the "Night Tour of Two Rivers and Fou