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Stay in the same boat with employees and relieve their worries

2020-08-15   96 Views

Since the beginning of summer, our city has been hit by multiple rounds of heavy rainfall, leading to serious floods in many counties and districts. The leaders of the Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company paid close attention to the disaster and concerned the safety of the employees and their families. The company's labor union learned about that the families of 19 employees suffered varying degrees of loss.

In the morning of August 13th, the secretary of party committee Tang Changrong, the union chairman Xu Ziqi, and the party committee member Wu Huijun went to visit the homes of disaster-stricken employees in Pingle County, sending financial aid. Although the flood had receded, traces of flooding can still be seen everywhere in the house. The house is still stacked with rain-soaked materials. Upon arriving, some severely affected families were washing the ground and sorting things. Secretary Tang said to them: "If you need help, do not hesitate to let us know. Please keep safe". Then she sat around with everyone, talking cordially with employees and their families, asking in detail about their work and life, and expressed condolences to employees and their families on behalf of the company's party committee and labor union. Secretary Tang said: "Since the opening of cross-provincial tour, the number of tourists to our scenic area has gradually increased. Our employees are on the front line, serving to the tourists, while our company is responsible for providing logistical support for our employees, solving their worries. We should take care of ourselves."

The assisted employees and their families continue to express their gratitude to the company for their help and care, saying that they will be positive and optimistic to reconstruct their home after the flood, make sure their family members work on the front line without worries.