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Refreshing relieve the scorching heat, greetings warm the hearts

2020-08-20   65 Views

Guilin has kept scorching temperature in the past few days. It enters the hottest period of the year. In the afternoon of August 18th, He Minghua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Zhou Linghua, Chairman of the Labor Union, and Liu Ming, Vice Chairman of the Labor Union, came to the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Company, offering their regards to the front-line employees who were sticking to their posts in such a hot day and sending them cool drinks.

The company leaders talked cordially with the front-line employees, thanking them for not fearing the high temperature and sticking to the front line; Meanwhile, they emphasized that it is now the peak tourist season and the sprint stage of Guilin’s civilized city creation. While doing the job well, but also pay attention to rest, and contribute to the company's reception work during peak tourist seasons and the creation of a civilized city.

The greetings and concerns from the company leaders brought the coolness to the front-line employees in such a scorching summer. The employees all said that we will work harder to live up to the trust and support of the company leaders!