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Show Sport Skills, Strengthen Friendship

2020-11-10   96 Views

In the afternoon of November 6, the Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company and the Guilin Maritime Safety Administration held an air volleyball and badminton friendship game at the High-Tech Development Zone Arena.

The players respect each other and learn from each other on the court based on the principle of "friendship first, game second". Serving, receiving, passing, running, smashing...Every detail shows the players' superb skills, the tacit cooperation on the court, the dynamic adjustment of tactical deployment off the court, and the offensive and defensive performance. The splendid smash makes every game exciting and very enjoyable.

This networking event not only enhanced the exchanges between units and demonstrated the vitality of sports, but also enhanced the healthy and upward atmosphere of the staff. More importantly, it demonstrated the team spirit of harmonious progress between the two parties, and contributed to the future work with new vitality.