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Skills competition show style, improve quality and reserve talents

2020-11-14   41 Views

Two Rivers and Four Lakes company's 2020 crew and tour guides competitions were carried out as scheduled on November 10 and 11. This skill competition has a new written test project, and at the same time, two projects of driving and fire belt are divided according to crew positions. The tour guide is a personal explanation project. After an exciting competition, the skill competition for the staff of the Operation Management Department was successfully completed.

During the driving operation, the crew operated freely, was calm and composed, and all the crew completed the driving skill competition safely; when connecting the fire pump, the turbines and sailors were skilled and orderly, fast and not chaotic. This competition has a variety of forms and a wide range of tests. It not only demonstrated the crew's proficient operating skills, but also allowed the crew to understand their own knowledge reserves, have a new understanding of business knowledge, and learn from each other.

  The tour guide skill competition took the local culture of Guilin as the personal explanation theme. The tour guides passed through, created the explanation word, excavated the local culture around the Two rivers and Four lakes and the local culture of Guilin, and displayed its own characteristics and eloquence. This year's competition is more demanding and broader than in the past, further enriching the guides' Guilin historical and cultural knowledge, thereby improving the quality of the tour guides' explanation services. The whole activity is real, vivid, friendly and natural, showing the active, beautiful and enthusiastic demeanor of the company tour guides.

The picture shows the tour guide skills competition

The picture shows the tour guide skills competition