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Clean up the river to eliminate hidden dangers, keep in mind the mission to ensure safety

2020-08-10   15 Views

After the beginning of Autumn, the level of the Li River entered a dry season. When the cruise ship of the Two Rivers and Four Lakes Company was performing its sailing tasks, it was discovered that there was a 2 meters long steel bar in the waterway of Liberate Bridge. On August 10th, the captain Huang Yijun played the role of party members as an exemplary vanguard and organized eight comrades including Feng Wenzhong and Huang Xingzhong to carry out river clearing work in the water.

Everyone started launching at 2pm and found that in addition to the large steel bars, there were several small steel bars standing in the water. They may be the pier steel bars left over from the temporary bridge of the Liberate Bridge. Due to the flood, the river course changed again and the steel bars could not be removed by hand. Eight comrades dived into the water in turn, used a hacksaw to cut the steel bars. After two hours of cleaning, they saw off 6, 7 saw blades, and removed a total of 2 meters long steel bars and 20 cm long steel bars, and handled a few of the bending steel bars. These steel bars in the river can cause cruise ships to knock off the propellers. If the water level continues to drop, they may pierce the hull, which is a serious safety hazard. After this treatment, the safety hazard of the channel was successfully eliminated and the reception safety of summer cruises was ensured.