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To compose the song of life ---The Party Committee to watch the movie "A Beautiful Life"

2020-09-26   3 Views

In accordance with the requirements of the "Notice from the Organization Department of Guilin Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on organizing party members to watch the movie "A Beautiful Life"", in order to further study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, the party committee of the Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company organized more than 80 staff, including company leaders, department heads and deputies, as well as all party members, to watch the featured film "Beautiful Life" at Tianlai Cinema.

The power of role models is infinite. The movie "A Beautiful Life" takes Wenxiu Huang as its character prototype, who is the first secretary of a village, named "National Outstanding Communist" and "Model of the Times". The movie tells the story of Huang Wenxiu, that as a college student she returned to her hometown after her graduation from colleague, and worked as the 1st secretary in the village. Without any squeamishness and arrogance, she cares about the village and villagers. She has the courage to take responsibility, willing to contribute, knowing the burden, facing challenges, etc. Her spirits deeply spur everyone. She interprets the original mission of the communists with her beautiful youth and bravely stands at the forefront of poverty alleviation. Everyone is deeply impressed by the movie and be encouraged to bring the "Wenxiu Spirit" to their own work, hoping to make extraordinary achievements in their ordinary positions!

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