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Standardization Study Team visited Mt. Qingxiu Scenic Area in Nanning

2021-01-30   34 Views

Led by Xu Ziqi, the CCP secretary of Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company, the Standardization Study Team visited Nanning Mt. Qingxiu Scenic Area on August 24, 2016.

After the visit, the study team had a discussion with some representatives from Mt. Qingxiu Scenic Area, who gave to the introduction of Mt. Qingxiu on standardization. Then Ms. Xu gave a speech: “Mt. Qingxiu Scenic Area left a deep impression on me.”Her speech can be summarized as follows:

1. The signs at Mt. Qingxiu are standardized and distinctive, There are characteristics.

2. The washrooms at Mt. Qingxiu are constructed with high standards and keep clean.

3. The facilities and equipment of visitor center are made in specifications and atmosphere, which fully meet the standards.