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Guilin Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company organized an explanation meeting on the preparation of standardization materials

2021-01-30   20 Views

The company's standardization document preparation team held a discussion meeting in the company's conference room on August 16, 2016, to discuss document collection and preparation. The meeting was presided over by Liang Liufeng, the deputy general manager of Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company. Mr. Liang carried out the division of responsibilities for the document preparation and put forward some requirements.

1. Ensure the systematism of the documents. The documents preparation should be based on company's standards and the actual conditions of departments, and the documents should be compiled with high standards and high requirements.

2. Make sure the documents is scientific, worked out from facts, and practical

3. Ensure all documents are reasonable, compiled by standards, and they can be use in the work properly.

4. Guarantee the documents uniformity. Unify the existing standards and meanwhile make supplement in accordance with the actual conditions.