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Guilin Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company Service Standardization Launch Conference

2021-01-30   4 Views

In order to promote tourism service standardization of the Two Rivers & Four Lakes Company, improve the staff quality, standardize the management of scenic area, and ensure the sustainable and stable development of scenic area. We held the tourism service standardization launch conference and standards training meeting on August 4, 2016.

Gong Xiaodong, company’s chairman attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. He asked all employees in the scenic area to attach great importance to standardization, earnestly publicize and implement them according to the standard system issued. All employees should implement the standard formulation, improvement, and make it continuously improve our work.

Company’s standardization work leading team is established. Mr. Gong Xiaodong, company’s chairman, serves as the team leader, and deputy general managers Li Qian and Liang Liufeng serve as the deputy team leaders. The standardization management office is set up and Li Qian is the director of the office. There are two working groups under the office, respectively in charge of document preparation and internal audit. In accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Service Industry Office and the actual situation of the company, the Standardization Office has formulated the company's "Standardization System Implementation Management Measures" and "Standardization Implementation Plan". And establish the company's service industry standardization system according to the plan strictly.

In the future one year, we will keep constructing our service standardization and improving our quality management. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Through the above work, the Two Rivers & Four Lakes will be upgraded completely from point to surface. The scenic area's sanitation, services, tour guide quality, tour order and other services will be qualitatively improved. It will show its vigorous corporate culture, scenic beauty and more passionate & considerate service with its unique charm and influence.