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Double-decker luxury Boat

2021-01-30   43 Views

On this high-end dining boat, known as the "Highest level of appearance ever in history" in Guilin, there will be no way to replicate the wonderful experience...

It is currently the first multi-functional luxury dining boat on the elite section of the Li River in Guilin City, which integrates leisure and entertainment, team activities, conference weddings, and on-board catering services! Beautiful scenery, food, wine, music, and performances will be integrated here, which is better than the traditional high-end restaurant experience.

This high-end dining boat with the “Highest level of appearance ever in history” in Guilin allows guests to have a good time with star level of “Michelin” on the Li River! 

On this high-end dining boat, the "Michelin"-level special food party, guests can enjoy the night view of the Li River, while enjoying the gluttonous food, and enjoy the luxurious and romantic exquisite life.

This high-end dining boat, which walks the essence of the Li River in the urban area, guests can not only enjoy the beautiful light show on both sides of the Lijiang River, but also visit Elephant Trunk Hill, Xiaoyao Tower, Fubo Hill, Fold Brocade Hill and other most Guilin The coastal landscape with the characteristics of mountains and rivers can be described as both gourmet and beautiful scenery.

The high-end dining boat has a 360° viewing platform view, allowing you to browse the night scenery of the Lijiang River without a blind corner. On the boat, you can not only capture the most beautiful scenery of Guilin's landscape, such as the panoramic view of Elephant Trunk Hill, Xiaoyao Tower, Fubo Mountain, Diecai Mountain, etc., but also the evening breeze, let the light music gently stir the taste buds and erupt Warm feelings that people can't forget!

Everyone who comes to Guilin or lives in Guilin has a fascination and attachment to this city hidden in his heart more or less. Some people may like the literary atmosphere, some may like the leisure and comfort, or some may just like the sultry warmth and ambiguity. This time, let the Lijiang high-end dining boat take you out of the grace of the Four Lakes, face the winding of the Lijiang River, and enjoy the night with your friends and relatives on the luxurious dining boats!

Whether you are a tourist or a local, or whether you see the prosperity of the day or the precipitation after the silent night, when you step on board this dinning boat, you will find your own paradise in this feeling. Because this high-end dinning boat can meet your private wishes and customize your expectations. Whether it's food or the atmosphere on the boat, all great experiences can be in your own hands!

Have you ever thought that the Two Rivers & Four Lakes boat cruise is just a sightseeing tour? However, the Li River that flows through it every day can be seen from a different angle. Therefore, the privately customized "Michelin" high-end dining boat in the Two Rivers & Four Lakes is also launching a journey to discover the summit of the Li River night cruise!

You can imagine that the Li River under the night is like a thin girl who quietly puts on a light makeup in the evening, a little shy and expecting, quietly waiting for her sweetheart to come soon! Looking forward to the eyes are like the sparkling Autumn waters of the clear green river, agile and beautiful in the quiet night, all this is so beautiful...If there is another "Michelin" level gluttonous feast, let the starry sky, night and wine blending with music, cheers and laughter, then, this journey of taste buds will definitely make you feel unfinished...

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