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Ethnic Style Boat

2021-01-30   65 Views

The ethnic tour guide lady will explain the whole process for you, telling you the origins of Guilin's mountains and rivers, also give you a unique national cultural and historical tour of the Zhuang nationality in Guangxi. Random comes with an ethnic souvenir jointly launched with Guangxi Museum of Nationalities, exclusive customization, random types. Exquisite seasonal fruit box: Customized subtropical seasonal fruit box, sweet to your heart; fresh and delicious.

The Lusheng bronze drum of the ethnic minority with the most Guangxi characteristics, the red sailboat that reproduces the life of the fishermen on the Lijiang River in Guilin, and the cormorant fishing. Luxurious air-conditioned soft seat, comfortable and cool, spacious deck for best viewing, suitable for all ages. Choose from a variety of styles! The top ten famous mountains in Guilin, the most beautiful Li River and Peach Blossom River in Guilin, and the largest oxygen bar in Guilin keep your lungs away from smog. Guilin’s 22 most distinctive and exquisite bridges are all inclusive in Two rivers and Four lakes.