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Deluxe Boat

2021-01-30   43 Views

The deluxe air-conditioned boat ship Zhenlong is the most luxurious cruise boat ship in the scenic area. It can accommodate a total of 25 tourists (limited to charter ships). The boat ship uses wooden floors, light-colored spring sofas as the interior, and the ceiling is made of transparent glass. It has a coffee table, tables, toilets and other hardware facilities are also equipped with LCD displays, microphones and sound systems, suitable for VIP reception charters, high-end business meeting charters, and small group charter boat ships.

The 42-50 deluxe boats are characterized with transparent glass as the roof, which can provide a total of 50 ordinary seats for tourists. The corner roof of the cabin is made of transparent laminated glass to meet the viewing requirements to the greatest extent. The seat adopts a comfortable space chair to provide visitors with a comfortable viewing environment. There is a simple toilet in the cabin and a spacious viewing deck at the stern for tourists to take pictures. It can provide services to tourists from all over the world, and is suitable for business charter boats and VIP reception.