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Concentrate and ignite passion-2020 Xiangshan Scenic Area outreach training

2020-11-02   98 Views

In the golden autumn of October when the Osmanthus fragrans blossom, it is a good time for outdoor development training. Xiangshan Scenic Area is to cultivate team awareness and cooperation spirit, enhance cohesion and centripetal force, enhance communication between employees, and promote the healthy development of corporate culture. On the 30th, the scenic area organized all employees in two batches to the Chaoyang Expansion Base in Guilin City to carry out the theme development training activities of "Concentrate and ignite passion".

The first project: build a team in groups

       After arriving at the expansion base, all personnel completed warm-ups and groupings by playing the game "Flowers blooming, one person fighting, eyebrow sticks", to test the mutual cooperation and creativity of each team, requiring each team member to be under the leadership of the team leader , Complete the design of the team flag, slogan, and formation within the specified time. The team members of each group actively contributed their ideas, cooperated with each other, completed various tasks outstandingly, and fully demonstrated the wisdom and passion of the team.

Activity site

This activity includes different core development projects, including support for the frontline, transport of table tennis, caterpillars, fruit link, multi-directional tug-of-war, shaking table tennis, supersonic speed, and cloth striping.

Cooperation can lead to success.

Modern society gives full respect to individual values, while emphasizing mutual assistance and cooperation between each other. It is impossible to complete every task independently, and every small success is the result of everyone's efforts.

Here, every project is inseparable from the support and encouragement of the team, collective wisdom and strength, each team must have its own captain, and everyone will design their own team name, team song and encouragement way together. Each project has a different focus, but it will bring people profound thinking and enlightenment. There must be communication and exchange, and there must be a dedication to the collective benefit without fear of personal sacrifice.