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[Photo] Guilin National Civilized City, Two rivers and Four lakes at night

2020-12-01   1 Views

Guilin is quiet and peaceful at night. When the lanterns are on, neon gleams in the beautiful landscape. If you look at it from the sky, the most eye-catching night view of this beautiful city is absolute the two rivers and four lakes scenic spot dotted in the core landscape of the city.

The vast lake surface is as smooth as a mirror, under the shining light, it seems that blocks of gems of different shapes are shining with dim light, which makes people happy to see it.

On the night cruise on the lake, tourists watched the pavilions on the shore with interest on the ripples of the lake. Their hazy silhouettes are hidden in the jungle of green trees, revealing the unique cultural heritage of this city.

Flying rainbows cross the lake, connecting the traffic. Their shapes may be like a meniscus emerging from the water, combining with the reflection in the water to form a warm full moon. Or like a lion's Arc de Triomphe, in the afterglow of sunset, quietly sharing the exotic atmosphere of the Champs Elysées.

The most amazing thing for the tourists on night cruises is the crystal glass bridge, the first practical bridge in my country built with crystal glass. In the daytime, it seemed to be crystal clear, standing tall among the green trees. And at night, it is its charming and unique light show. The lights change, colorful and dazzling, complementing the reflection in the water, it can be described as a fairyland.

This is the two rivers and four lakes, the shining name card of the national civilized city of Guilin!