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In the New Year, take a cruise to enjoy the beautiful scenery, let’s go to the two rivers and four lakes to celebrate 2021 together!

2021-01-27   74 Views

New Year,

I am delighted to meet you,

Life is so precious and beautiful.

Check in the most beautiful lake in Guilin and enjoy the most beautiful night,

Make a good wish in the fairyland of mountains and waters,

I am full of sunshine and engraved the vows of happiness,

Wish everything go smoothly this year, happy and safe!

Two rivers and four lakes in the New Year,

Not only the mountains are auspicious, but you can also enjoy the blessings of water.

During the day, green trees are on the shore and the lake is clear.

The shining neon is here at night with the fire tree and silver flower,

Xiangshan, Fubo Mountain, Diecai Mountain, Old Man Mountain, Baoji Mountain...

Famous mountains and historic sites, famous bridges and trees, pavilions,

You won’t miss anything as long as you board the boat.

Someone said,

Visiting Guilin without the night tour of the two rivers and four lakes is a lifetime regret!

Two rivers and four lakes at night,

The fire tree silver flower light show, full of light, never night;

Just take the lens and frame it is a dazzling beautiful picture.

The scorching sun and moon pagodas, one gold and one silver complement each other;

More than twenty bridges of various types, draped in rainbow light, fly over the lake,

The famous mountains along the coast show a strange style under the background of lights,

It is unavoidable to think of the charming and enchanting "Victoria Harbour",

I also imagine that this is the Oriental Night of "Venice".

In such a quiet and beautiful environment,

I didn't realize a thought of coming out of dust in my heart,

I really want to turn into a metasequoia in two rivers and four lakes,

Or a lamp, a bridge, a fish,

Or even if there is a gust of breeze in the lake,

Melt into the tranquil lake water,

Integrate with the beautiful mountains,

The visitors are getting better and better.

This is a nostalgic place.

Guilin's landscape card,

The essence of downtown can be seen by boat,

"Thousands of peaks stand in the wild, one water embraces into a stream"

Looking at this beautiful scene,

Breathing the clear air,

The impetuous mood disappeared instantly.

If you like water and yearn for the feeling of taking a boat trip,

In the New Year, you must visit the Two Rivers and Four Lakes,

Bathed in the New Year’s sunshine,

Here the sky is particularly blue, the water is particularly clear, and the night is particularly beautiful,

When you come, you are at the home of the tired soul after a busy year.

It is also the place where the heart of the New Year will start again!