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Do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure safe and stable reception during the "National Day and Mid-autumn Festival"

2020-10-02   2 Views

     In order to do a good job in the reception work during the "National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival" , the golden week and long holidays, the two rivers and four lakes company organized a mobilization meeting before the festival, formulated and launched the golden week operation and reception work plan, strengthened emergency duty, and required company leaders and department managers to strictly implement the system of on-duty and on-duty, strengthen the management of key sightseeing nodes and security, cleaning and sanitation of the scenic areas, strictly leave reporting systems for employees when going out, and epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the requirements of appointments, limited, and orderly opening of tourist attractions. The various measures of “heavy protection, flow control, and anti-aggregation” have been put in place to ensure the safe and orderly reception of the scenic spot and have achieved remarkable results.

The first day of the long holiday is the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. The scenic spots are full of tourists. The party secretary and director of the Guilin Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Wang Zixi, led a team to inspect the scenic spot. She focused on the inspection of tourist facilities and reception hygiene near Gunanmen and Xiangshan Fisherman’s Wharf epidemic prevention and control work, she expressed satisfaction with the company’s tourism reception and epidemic prevention and control work. She emphasized that the company must put epidemic prevention and control work in the first place, put an end to paralysis and fluke, implement the normalization of new coronary pneumonia prevention and control responsibilities, improve the safety and epidemic prevention awareness of employees, and do a good job in temperature measurement and registration of terminal tourists and scanning QR codes, strengthen publicity and guide tourists to board the ship in an orderly and distanced manner, create a safe and stable service environment during the "double festival" period, and ensure that various safety and epidemic prevention measures are implemented without blind corners, blind spots, and in place to achieve tourism reception safe, stable and orderly.

The company’s chairman and general manager Wei Yulong, party secretary Tang Changrong and relevant department heads accompanied the inspection.


The picture shows Director Wang Zixi inspecting at Fisherman’s Wharf