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Unite your minds and efforts to resolutely win the battle to create a civilized city

2020-08-07   1 Views

On August 6, 2020, the two rivers and four lakes company held a mobilization meeting, and the deputy secretary of the party committee Xu conveyed the spirit of the "two Tourism" companies and the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau on the creation of a civilized city meeting, which marked the company’s official city creation and decisive battle Start. The Water Management Department actively responded to the company's call and carefully deployed the city creation work arrangement. Through the leadership, all the staff focused on the difficulties of creating the city, and successfully completed the tasks of the city creation and inspection for 43 days.

The responsible management area of the Water Management Department is located along the Spring Lake and the north bank of the Taohua River and along the Nursing school. After receiving the task, on the afternoon of September 4th, our department organized employees to conduct city creation prevention and control drills, on-site training, and city creation mobilization according to documents issued by the company. The creation of the city requires the implementation of designated positions to perform duties, and to do a good job in sanitation and order maintenance of the division of responsibility. As members of the National Inspection Team settled in Guilin Hotel, Spring Lake was designated as the core work area. The residences along the Taohua River are all urban old houses with high population density, and many areas from here to the Nursing school are mixed with other units' responsibility areas. The sanitary conditions are poor and management is extremely difficult. In the face of difficulties, all the staff of the Water Management Department were not discouraged, but inspired and stood up. The first is to make good preparations for the emergency plan and actively respond to various emergencies; secondly, the division of labor is in place, and the refined treatment is carried out to polish and digest the difficulties of the work; finally, the party members are arranged for surprise protection, and strive to fight hard battles and gnaw bones at critical moments. In view of the common phenomenon of uncivilized dog walking and illegal parking in Spring Lake, illegal fishing in Taohua River is prominent. Through close linkage with relevant departments, the parking spaces are designated in the small square of the Central Control Building, and warm reminders are issued for publicity, assisting company leaders to visit the Children's Palace and other adjacent units to carry out cooperation, and make preparation for cleanup and rectification. In response to the shortage of personnel during the creation of the city, the department first deployed good production and employment, mobilized to formulate job placement plans, and went all out to enter the tough state. Secondly, the reasonable allocation of comrades on duty strictly required the division of duty according to the plan. Finally, we mobilized all the staff to carry forward the spirit of continuous combat. The on-duty staff used their will to resist the exhaustion of wind and rain while standing by for 16 hours a day, and rushed to clean the leaves along the Taohua River at 6:30 in the morning. The Ministry was full of enthusiasm to win the battle, not forgetting the original mission and keeping the mission in mind, sticking to the post, and successfully completed the tasks assigned by the company.