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Night Tour at Guilin Two Rivers & Four Lakes, Feel the sentiment of“Oriental Venice”

2021-01-28   38 Views

Everyone on earth knows that the Guilin has the most beautiful landscape. Lots of people do not know that the night view of Guilin Two Rivers & Four Lakes is called “the Oriental Venice”. Tour in Guilin, besides taking Li river cruise to see Yangshuo, the night boat tour of Two Rivers & Four Lakes should not be missed, otherwise, it will definitely be a very regrettable issue,because you have passed by the history and beauty of Guilin Water City.

The "Two Rivers & Four Lakes" in Guilin refers to the Li River, Peach Blossom River, Mulong Lake, Guihu Lake, Ronghu Lake, and Shanhu Lake. Two Rivers & Four Lakes links Guilin City and the water system around the city and is long 7 kilometers. Guilin's water tour started in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty. At that time, Guilin city was densely covered with lakes and ponds, and the water system was developed. You can take a small boat to see many scenic spots in the city. However, with historical changes, rivers and lakes are separated, and water tours were declined. After 2000, Guilin City re-excavated the two rivers and four lakes, rejuvenated the ancient lakes, and made it a new tourism card of Guilin and an excellent place for tourists at night.

Tourists can not only visit the three main scenic spots with different characteristics by boat, namely the Chinese classical garden-Ronghu Lake -Shanhu Lake Scenic Area, the ecological garden where nature and man are combined---Guihu Lake Scenic Area, Song History and Culture Garden-Mulong Lake Scenic Area; You can also admire the newly built Famous Bridge Expo Park, Famous Flowers, Trees, and Grass Expo Park, Pavilions, Pavilions, and Sculpture Expo Park. Moreover, on the boat, you can also watch more than ten traditional famous hills in Guilin, including Elephant Trunk Hill, Fubo Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Yaoshan Mountain, Baoji Hill, and Old Man Hill. It can be said that in a night tour of Guilin Two Rivers & Four Lakes, you can enjoy the famous hills and rivers, a panoramic city view. It is really good value for your money.