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One bridge One poem, One bridge One Scene

2021-01-28   59 Views

Guilin is the world-famous city with landscape。 Two rivers & Four lakes is the city card, can be comparable to Venice water city. However, the most attractive scenery in the scenic area belongs to those bridges.

When boat crossing under the bridges, you will feel like in a fairy land, exploring the dreamy land like never before.

Mr. Stone is going to introduce the bridges in the various forms in the Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenic area as below. 

Liberate Bridge

Located above the Li River, it is the landmark bridge of Guilin city. The pallet bridge was formed in Song dynasty, called Dongjiang Bridge. When the water rises in spring and summer, the river is rushing, which is inherently called "Dongdu Chunlan".

"The Changhong is lying on the water, and the wheels are rolling. Singing with sceneries, enjoy a river in Autumn."-Liu Guoxiang

Crystal Glass Bridge

Located above the Ronghu Lake, it connects the north bank of Ronghu Lake with the tiny island in the lake. With gorgeous form, it is crystal clear, the first bridge decorated completely with transparent material in China.

One bridge is perfectly decorated with ingenious craftsmanship. The homecoming bird is not familiar with new things, and inform each other to come and see. ——Song Gungyao


Seven Star Dig Dipper Bridge

Located on the south side of Ancient South Gate, it connects the north shore of Ronghu Lake and the island in the lake. The shape of the bridge is unique. It is named because the seven lamp posts on the bridge like the Big Dipper.

The Seven Stars and Big Dipper are always connecting and like Ronghu Lake is dazzling. Why always distinguish the true and false? Crossing the bridge is like flying up to the nineth heaven?

Gurong Twin Bridge

Located between Ancient South Gate and Ronghu South Road, the bridge is based on the bridge type of Tianbaowu Bridge in Summer Palace and developed into a double bridge form, all decorated with white marble. There is a thousand-year-old banyan tree in the north side. It was once the place where Huang Tingjian, where a famous poet of the Song Dynasty, docked a boat when he passed by Guilin.

The double bridge is built on the side of Ronghu Lake, like a silver dragon lying on the blue sky. Architecture, trees, bridge and the lake reflect each other’s beauty, and the oriole will sing under the willow trees. -Wei Jianguang


Yingbin Bridge

Located on the Guobin Road of Ronghu Hotel, it was originally a three-arch stone bridge. It combines the architectural form of the Western Arc de Triomphe with the shape of ancient Chinese suspension bridges. On the top of the door, there are reliefs of the brothers and sisters of 56 ethnic groups in China, symbolizing the unity of the Chinese nation and the hospitality of Chinese people.

Beautiful flowers welcome guests at the bridgehead, and a boat is docking at a willow by the lake. ——Li Zhiyin


Lize Bridge

Located on Lize Lake, the bridge is a self-anchored flexible steel truss suspension bridge with complex structure, sophisticated design, high technical content, and precise process requirements.

Thousands of people walk in the Lize Bridge, and the Xinteng rainbow is amazing. The red rope is strung with a stainless-steel chain, the steel beam is stiff across the lake. ——Zhang Zimo


Xiqing Bridge

Located above Gui Lake, the bridge model is based on the legendary mathematical bridge designed and built by Newton in London, England. This bridge is a pedestrian bridge, because the used material is the precious red pine wood of our country.

The momentum is like waves flying across the shore, red fences and boards make half lake become red. Lu Ban passed down the axe back then and made great achievements in Xiqing. ——Wang Song

Wow, we can see that the bridges of the Two rivers and Four lakes are really different in shapes. The so-called one bridge and one scene. The bridge is the best link between the mountains and rivers given by heaven. It makes the mountains and rivers so beautiful and attracts all lives to live in. Two rivers & Four lakes makes us really love one place when arrive at one place.