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Diecai Mountain

2021-01-27   2 Views

Diecai Mountain is condescending where you can overlook the entire Guilin panorama. One of the four peaks of Diecai Mountain, Mingyue Peak, is the highest peak in the city, with a relative height of 73 meters. The mountain is composed of layers of rocks of various colors, like pearls and jade, so it is named Diecai Mountain. There is a peculiar wind tunnel in the middle of the mountain with 178 stone carvings and 98 cliff statues in 24 niches. For example, Marshal Chen Yi wrote "I would like to be a native of Guilin, but not an immortal", and the stone inscription of "Shou" by Guo Sijing in the Qing Dynasty. As the saying goes, he has lived through the entrance of the wind tunnel for 99, and climbed to Diecai Mountain for 130. At the top, you can get a bird's-eye view of Guilin with a 360-degree panoramic view and experience the artistic conception of the meeting place. The combination of landscape and humanities shows the essence of Guilin.