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Love Dragon Boat Festival l Zongyou Three Mountains

2020-06-20   0 Views

Today, Nuomi finally waited for Zongye’s embrace, but I’m still here waiting for you

"Dragon Boat Festival is approaching midsummer,

Time is growing again and again. "

It's another year for Dragon Boat Festival,

The fragrance of rice dumplings has a long history.


The Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the "Duanyang Festival". It is also known as the four traditional Chinese folk festivals along with the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to inherit better and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and to feel the rich cultural atmosphere of festivals, Xiangshan Scenic Area will cooperate with the One City Tour·Guilin Travel Share Flagship Store on the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival to join the Fliggy Travel Platform to specially launch the Dragon Boat Festival activity with the theme of "Love Dragon Boat Festival • Zongyou Three Mountains".


Activity introduction

[Activity Platform] Fliggy Travel Platform, Guilin One City Tour Official Ticketing Platform

[Event Products] Purchase any of the following tickets

  1. Tickets for Elephant Trunk Hill are 55 yuan/person

  2. Elephant Trunk Hill + Fubo Mountain + Diecai Mountain three mountains discount package 90 yuan / person

[Purchase method] Tourists buy 55yuan tickets for Elephant Trunk Hill on the Fliggy platform or scan the product code on the official ticketing platform of Guilin One City Tour to buy a 90yuan discount package for Elephant,fu,Die Three mountains, meanwhile follow the flagship store to become a fan, have a chance to get One gift of Guilin specialty worth 38 yuan.


[Activity time] June 25-26, 2020

[Gift distribution Venue] At the Gate 1 of the ticket office of the Elephant Trunk Hill scenic area


A little spoiler

Everyone who participates in the event has a chance to get one

High-value gift,

Come on a wonderful time journey with us tomorrow!


Though the festival is good,

We can't relax the epidemic prevention and control~

Ask friends to wear masks,

Be There Be Square!