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Activity 1: Wind Chime Blessing Festival

2019-09-24   0 Views

and the coolness came over, feeling the joy of autumn rain everywhere. The Xiangshan Scenic Area·Fubo Mountain also officially ushered in its first "Wind Chime Blessing Festival." In order to make visitors enjoy a visual and auditory feast, the scenic area used wind chimes as the main element, with colorful windmills, paper lanterns and other elements for embellishment, which perfectly combined the activities of the park and the setting to create a beautiful fantasy Wind chimes world.

Standing in the Fubo Garden, looking up, tens of thousands of crystal clear and lovely wind chimes danced with the wind, as if they had fallen into this mortal world. Close your eyes and leaning in to listen. The sound of wind, rain, and ringtones combine to form a beautiful movement of nature, crisp and melodious, and it is like a sound from nature.

Under the wind chimes, we can also write the most sincerely wishes for family and friends, and pray for love. Let all the blessings drift higher and farther with the wind.

Though imagine countless times, it is better to have an immersive experience. In September, let us meet at Fubo Mountain "Wind Chime Blessing Festival".

Activity time: from now until December 31, 2019