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[Children’s Day] Bring your baby to a trip that just walks away!

2018-05-23   0 Views

Remember how you celebrated Children's Day when you were young?

Eating sweets, performing shows, or the most popular DIY activities for children...

Children’s Day of this year is coming again,

How are you going to spend with your children?


This year, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes scenic area has prepared a rich of activities for everyone.

Bring your baby to travel,

Let the editor to introduce the following for everyone!

Activity preemptive price:100 yuan / one adult and one child (children below 1.4 meters)

(60 yuan/person for each extra adult, 40 yuan/person for each extra child)

Activity time:June 2, 2018 (Saturday) at 9:00 AM


금년도 양강사호경구가여러분들위하여가장슈퍼이벤트을준비하였습니다


Bring your idea, "Add" a little color on the background board of cruise ship

Bring your baby on a trip that just walks away,

Board the cruise and enjoy the cozy time of parent-child

Enjoy the parent-child interaction time on the cruise,

The guide lady distributed DIY handicrafts,

Give your Children’s Day a wonderful and precious memory!

Watch Guilin’s unique cormorant fishing show

Add new knowledge and information to natural science disciplines

Listen to the guide lady sharing the story of Guilin's landscape culture and ancient city history




Activity time: June 2, 2018 (Saturday) 9:00-11:00

Activity location: Gunanmen Square, Guilin

Activity route: Day trip to Four Lakes

Boarding Wharf: Gunanmen Double Aged Banyan Bridge Wharf

Activity process:

1.Start at 9:00, the children at the activity site will paint the "Cardboard Cruise".

2. At 10:00, board the boat at Double Aged Banyan Bridge Wharf to visit the Four Lakes.

3. On the cruise ship, the guide lady distributes hand-made DIY products. Please complete it with parents.

4. The tour lasts for 60 minutes and ends at 11:00.

After purchasing the ticket, please go to Gunanmen at 9:00 am on the 2nd and show your mobile phone number at the ticket exchange desk to get your ticket.

Registration Hotline: 0773-2888802 / 15978053939

Places are limited, first come first served!

Deadline for Registration: May 29th

Let's sail our childlike heart together!