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Study at the two rivers and four lakes, build the most beautiful city card in your heart with Lego

2020-10-26   0 Views

On the morning of October 24, the fun Lego parent-child building activity of "'Two Rivers and Four Lakes' Bogao City Business Card Robot Outdoor Class" held in the scenic area of Two Rivers and Four Lakes ended successfully. A total of nearly 40 groups of parent-child families came to participate in the activity.

The construction theme of this event is the most beautiful "Two Rivers and Four Lakes". Before the parent-child building activities, the friendly guide lady first explained to the children every iconic attraction in the scenic area, such as the towering twin pagodas, crystal clear glass bridge, the gorgeous shaped Rongxi Bridge, the exotic Lize Bridge, the tall and magnificent Yingbin Bridge... Under the explanation of the guide lady, the children have a preliminary understanding of the beautiful two rivers and four lakes, and have a deeper love for the hometown of Guilin.

Before the construction, the teachers first led the parents and children to do fun warm-up activities. The energetic drive of the teachers, the warm interaction between parents and children, and the cheerful music made the atmosphere of the audience suddenly warm. Parents and children at this time are more like friends playing together, with happy smiles on their faces.

It is said that "Everything is Colago", children will become "little connoisseurs" in the two rivers and four lakes, using the various building blocks provided by Lego, give full play to their imagination and collaboration, and spell out various styles on the Lego board the most beautiful works of the two rivers and four lakes! The children are very yearning for their own works! They are also full of enthusiasm for the construction activities. They are automatically divided into groups, and under the leadership of the group leader, they compete each other, divide the labor reasonably, and formulate the content of the construction!

The children had a great time: some groups were built quickly and were praised by the teacher, some groups were not built very smoothly, but with the encouragement of the teacher, they overcame the difficulties and caught up; some groups built the exotic Lize Bridge and the towering twin pagodas, some groups have built crystal clear glass bridges...

After the construction is completed, the children show their elaborate works on the stage and explain to everyone. There are no manuals for all the works. The teachers and parents are surprised at the children's imagination and creativity, and applauded.

In the end, the teacher issued a certificate of honor for the outstanding children.

Think in the hands-on process, learn and grow in the communication process. This is not just a play game. We hope that children can use their fingertips to create tiny and inconspicuous building blocks in the scenic spot that can represent the name card of Guilin city, and convey their love for Guilin city through play. Gain some understanding of Guilin city card!


Since the beginning of this year, the Two Rivers and Four Lakes have begun to try to find a new model for the development of scenic area, and actively cooperated with schools, training institutions, etc., such as research trips, outdoor classrooms, etc. The theme of high-quality goods, the scenic area resources and classroom knowledge are linked together to further explore the transformation and upgrading of tourism products in the scenic area, so that the tourism form of the two rivers and four lakes will be richer, more vivid and full of fun.